Heather Blundon Graphic Design

Heather Blundon Graphic Design


PROJECT: Bluegrass Concert Poster FORM: Printed Poster SOFTWARE: Adobe Illustrator, InDesign DESCRIPTION: There were three sponsors for one event and each wanted emphasis on the event poster. I was thrilled by the idea of creating these three totally different hierarchies and by extension experiences from the posters with identical art and copy. I used illustrator to sketch over top of a couple bluegrass instruments stylistically (bass and harmonica) and imported them into indesign where i set up several styles for the text. After initial designs, I left the poster for a day. Then, with fresh eyes, I noticed the order that the elements caught my eye. I could then adjust the type treatments accordingly. I planned to use happy, bright colours reminiscent of a summer’s day. The cartoon/sketched treatment relays the excitement and fun of the experience the concert gives and i love how they turned out. I love letters. They are about an excitng. sunny day enjoying bluegrass at the park. I love music so I am proud of the beautiful vibrational bass. Event information distribution is the reason I became a graphic designer.

PROJECT: JFK Assassination Memorial FORM: Printed poster SOFTWARE: Adobe Illustrator, InDesign DESCRIPTION: I am always interested in using minimalist techniques or presenting complex sets of information or emotion through little form. I was excited to design a poster using solely type. I researched in depth into the events surrounding the JFK assassination, collecting images as research, watching videos and lectures to grasp the feeling or air of the event. I decided to plod his route through Dealey plaza, with the map in minimalist style with only the road’s typeset name as the indication of the street. I used illustrator to plot the streets over top of a few maps. The colour scheme was taken from a iconic photo of JFK in a dark blue suit in front of an American flag. I planned to show Lee Harvey Oswald’s alleged bus and taxi route but it became too complex and diluted to attempt to show both JFK and LHO’s routes. I feel great about how it turned out: I could look at adding more information or developing the hierarchy to create a more interesting piece. I am including it in the portfolio because it is a well-designed intellectual piece. I want all my pieces to illustrate and inform. This piece is about the controversy and mystery surrounding the events of November 22, 1963. It is meant to illustrate and show how wide open, exposed and confusing the murder and Dealey plaza were.

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