Heather Blundon Graphic Design

Heather Blundon Graphic Design

Images & Illustration

PROJECT: Tiger Cow FORM: Photoshop Image Manipulation, Web SOFTWARE: Adobe Photoshop, Morguefile DESCRIPTION: My research has led me to the discovery of a new species. Showing great contrast, I’ve created a docile, domesticated animal crossed with an exotic, predatory creature. Tiger cow was born using samples of existing tigers and scenery, incorporating non-destructive editing techniques using Photoshop. This animal is all about shaking expectations: think about how you are experienceing images you view online, on screens or in print, and how these images may distort the way in which you percieve “the real world.”

PROJECT: Greater Bird of Paradise FORM: Photoshop Image Manipulation, web SOFTWARE: Adobe Photoshop, Morguefile DESCRIPTION: While exploring the lowlands of New Guinea, researching exotic species, I discovered the beautiful Greater Bird of Paradise. I wanted to stretch my illustration skills and truly capture this gorgeous, regal animal with loads of texture, depth and shading. I captured the free spirit of this bird, hinting at its history of trade where it was once thought of as “beautiful visitors from paradise, kept aloft by their plumes, never allowing contact with the Earth” I incorporated the use of a drawing tablet for a large portion of the illustration and achieved an earthy yet bright color scheme while exploring using a full-color composition. This focus was to improve my design skills that are lacking.

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